‘All the wonder in a mighty oak grows from a little acorn’

Welcome to Holding Little Acorns Therapeutic Services

Holding Little Acorns offers a range of therapeutic services and we specialise in Play and Creative Arts Therapy for children aged 3-16 years. We offer a playful and creative approach with connection and empathy. The child’s needs are always our priority. We establish a warm and emotionally responsive therapeutic relationship that holds a child safely as they process, heal and flourish. This approach is reflected in our key values: connect, hold, nurture, heal and flourish.

“For a child or an adult, it’s extremely powerful to hear someone say, ‘I get you. I understand. I see why you feel this way.’ This kind of empathy disarms us.”

– Dan Siegel –

About Holding Little Acorns

The concept of Holding Little Acorns originates from the therapeutic relationship metaphorically ‘holding’ the children whilst they explore and heal enough to flourish into mighty oak trees. The squirrel symbolises us as therapists. This represents our energetic, playful and resourceful qualities when working with our clients. The acorn symbolises the child. This signifies their strength, power
and potential for growth.

Play and Creative Arts Therapy

A wonderful, holistic intervention that allows children and young people the space to safely explore their emotional, social, and behavioural needs. Children naturally communicate and creatively express themselves through play and the use of metaphor, which can facilitate them to make sense of a range of emotions whilst processing challenging life events or difficulties that affect their health, wellbeing and functioning in daily life (and the life of their family).

Within the warm and safe therapeutic space, children build a trusting relationship with their therapist, where they feel ‘held’ as they process in their own time and way, what might be going on for them. They can begin to make sense of big feelings and inner struggles. During this transforming period, they discover new ways of coping resiliently; develop self-regulation strategies; build on their self-esteem; understand themselves as a whole; and manage relationships and conflicts in more positive ways. This enables them to flourish and cope better with their future.